Best Printers and Copiers for Educational Publishing


Demand on printing and document management solutions is always changing in the educational scene. In 2024, schools, colleges, and universities all need safe, efficient ways to make textbooks and other forms of educational content. Among the many e-STUDIO multifunction printers (MFPs) offered by the reputable office technology brand Toshiba are several models designed with the needs of educational institutions in mind. Let’s investigate how these state-of-the-art tools can improve instructional publishing by delving into their specifics. Discover the best printers and copiers suited for educational publishing needs. From high-quality printing to efficient copying.

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Top Printers and Copiers for Educational Publishing – A Comprehensive Guide

Best Printers and Copiers for Educational Publishing

Using Toshiba E-studio Copiers to Their Full Potential


Let’s explore the compelling reasons why these photocopiers are game-changers for the educational sector:


  • Large-Scale Black-and-White Printing: The E-studio series has impressive, large-scale printing capabilities. These photocopiers are up to the task of printing anything from academic papers and textbooks to legal and administrative documents. Even during hectic publishing seasons, their speed and precision ensure prompt delivery.
  • Data Security: Every day, academic institutions deal with sensitive information. The highest level of document security is provided by Toshiba’s E-studio copiers with its Validated Self-Encrypting Drive. Data breaches are no longer a concern for academics, writers, and teachers.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: The E-studio series incorporates e-BRIDGE Next technology, which is designed to work in harmony with your current setup. At your fingertips are the functionalities of printing, scanning, and capturing. The ability to print from a variety of devices is further improved by compatibility with AirPrint and Mopria. The user-friendly interface is reminiscent of a tablet, and it features a 9-inch screen with an embedded web browser. That is exactly what you get with Toshiba’s E-studio copiers. Managing workflows, navigating settings, and modifying print parameters become second nature.
  • The E-studio series is an ideal fit for educational institutions’ growing emphasis on sustainability, and even first-time users will have no trouble operating them. Environmental sensitivity was a driving force in the design of these multifunctional systems. Responsible printing techniques are promoted, energy consumption is minimised, and paper waste is reduced.

The e-STUDIO7527AC Series: Colour Excellence


The e-STUDIO7527AC series is a powerhouse when it comes to colour printing. With speeds of up to 75 pages per minute (ppm) for colour and 85 ppm in monochrome mode, this MFP ensures swift production of high-quality documents.


Here’s why it’s an excellent choice for educational publishing:

  • Speed and Efficiency: In busy academic settings, time is of the essence. The e-STUDIO7527AC delivers impressive output without compromising on quality. Whether it’s textbooks, workbooks, or training manuals, educators can rely on its rapid performance.
  • Impeccable Detail: The e-STUDIO7527AC produces documents up to A3 size with impeccable detail. Colour illustrations, graphs, and diagrams come to life, enhancing the learning experience for students.
  • Large-Capacity Feeders: To handle high-volume printing, this series features external large-capacity feeders capable of holding up to 4,500 sheets. With a total paper capacity of up to 8,020 sheets, educators won’t face interruptions due to frequent paper replenishment.
  • Dual-Side Document Feeder (DSDF): Scanning is a breeze with the DSDF, which scans up to 240 impressions per minute. Innovative ultrasonic technology prevents missing pages by detecting multiple feeds simultaneously.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: The e-STUDIO7527AC conserves energy by entering sleep or super-sleep mode when not in use. Its Motion Sensor technology ensures instant wake-up when a user approaches.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The 26 cm (10.1″) touch-screen user interface offers a tablet-like experience. Customisable features and Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Plus apps further enhance productivity.
improve instructional publishing

The New e-STUDIO 8518A: Monochrome Powerhouse


When speed is paramount, the e-STUDIO9029A series takes center stage. Operating at a staggering 90 ppm, this monochrome MFP is ideal for printing large volumes of academic materials.


Key features include:


  • Impressive Print Speed: The e-STUDIO 8518A can print up to 85 pages per minute (PPM) with great quality and a huge volume of work. Producing documents quickly is crucial for academic publishing, where fulfilling deadlines and effectively distributing knowledge are of the utmost importance.
  • With a maximum paper size of 11″ x 17″, this multifunction printer (MFP) can handle a wide range of document formats often used in educational printing. The e-STUDIO 8518A is capable of handling a wide variety of documents, including academic papers, textbooks, and administrative reports.
  • Workflow Automation: Users can effortlessly automate workflows using the tablet-style touch screen interface. Simplifying operations like scanning and printing is as easy as tapping a few buttons. This function greatly improves productivity for educational publishers who deal with big amounts of content. 
  • User Interface That Can Be Customised: Schools frequently have a wide variety of departments and teams. Each group can swiftly access the relevant functionality with the e-STUDIO 8518A’s personalised user interfaces based on teams.
  • Advanced Security: Data security is of the utmost importance in academic publication. Customisation helps to maximise efficiency and reduce learning curves. A 320GB FIPS 140-2 approved self-encrypting drive is standard with the e-STUDIO 8518A. The secrecy of student records, research papers, and other sensitive information is guaranteed by this feature. 
  • The e-STUDIO 8518A is Energy Star Rated, which is a plus for schools who are concerned about environmental impact. It keeps productivity levels high while minimising energy use. The principles held by educational publishers are congruent with responsible printing practices. 
  • The MFP allows for the integration of mobile document printing and capturing. Printing straight from a mobile device improves accessibility and convenience for researchers, writers, and teachers.


You can trust the e-STUDIO 8518A because of its dependable performance and big paper handling capacity. This powerful computer can reliably meet the needs of educational publishers in terms of both student and teacher demands for high-quality production.

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