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Printer rentals and copier rentals: We have the solution for you

When companies have more than one option for how they would like to organise their office automation, they have the opportunity to save money. At Toshiba Tech we offer our clients the option of printer and copier rentals, giving them the very best printers on the market at affordable monthly rates.

But why should you rent your printer instead of owning it?copier rentals

This is a relevant question to ask. When you are looking to replace your current printer or should you be looking to get your very first printer, you will find that you have two options: Buying it or renting it on a monthly basis. Numerous companies choose to rent their printers, and there are many benefits that come with renting a printer that you can benefit from as well. As many as 80% of companies choose to lease their printers instead of buying them. The main reason for doing this is because technology is progressing so fast that it is easy to fall behind and have an outdated printer.

copier rentals lease a printer rent a copier south africa

There are many reasons why having a printer on the contract is the smarter business choice.

Today, a copier is no longer just a copier and a printer is no longer just a printer. Systems have become multifunctional and we have grown used to the comfort and the convenience of having a machine that serves more than one purpose. The more up-to-date your office automation machinery is, the more opportunity you will have to benefit from having systems that can do all sorts of tasks.

This is why you need to sign up for printer rentals

Assets depreciate in value

The longer that you have an office automation machine, the more it depreciates in value, as with everything else that we own. What might be up to date and advanced today, is not going to be as valuable in a few years, in fact, the value of your machine declines every time you use it. It does not make good business sense to replace your printer every few years. This is where renting your printer becomes the next best option.

When leasing a printer from a reputable company, such as Toshiba, once your lease is up, you will receive a new multifunctional or single-function printing machine that is technologically advanced.

Maintenance is no longer an issue

With printer rentals, you will never again have to worry about the maintenance of your printer. As part of your lease agreement, Toshiba will take care of your maintenance, scheduling a time and date that best suits you, and then sending out a trained and experienced technician to take care of your printing device. This means that you have one less thing to worry about. Your printing office machine will always be up to date with its maintenance and you will never again have to struggle with breakdowns.

You can save your money

Not every company can afford the prices associated with buying the kind of printing machine that they need to do their day-to-day tasks. But when leasing the printer, they can afford that otherwise expensive machine as there is no massive down payment to make before they can take their printer. Monthly fees for printer rentals from Toshiba are affordable and you are guaranteed to get the machine that you need.

We offer printer rentals in all of the big cities such as Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. Toshiba printers and copiers are available nationwide and are ideal for companies of all shapes and sizes.


Toshiba Tech Financial Advantage


Options when in need of a printer at Toshiba Tech

  1. Cash outright purchase
  2. Rental Contracts – 60/36/24 Months – On financial credit approval only.t
  3. Month to Month Rentals – New Equipment – Easy approval!!
  4. Month to Month Rentals – Demo & Certified Refurbished Equipment


Choose what is best for you:


1. Cash outright purchase


How do you know if you buy cash you will have the support you need?

Toshiba Tech Quality Commitment Guarantee


It’s the One Guarantee You’ll Probably Never Use.

The Toshiba Quality Commitment is the guarantee you will probably never have to use. We demand unparalleled performance from our products. So, it follows that we offer you the same in our guarantee. Read it and see for yourself. There’s no small print…no disclaimers. Just our commitment to deliver the quality you’ve come to expect from one of the industry’s most highly acclaimed leaders in copiers and facsimiles. Toshiba…quality guaranteed.


2. Rental Contracts 60/36/24 Months


This is as we all know the industry-standard option


How do you know if you buy on a Rental Contract you will have the support you need?


Although it’s a fixed contract you will still have the best service and support with Toshiba Tech.


Toshiba Reliability, Known the World Over


    You have the confidence of a guarantee backed by the powerful resources of Toshiba Corporation. Fortune’s Global 500 issue consistently ranks Toshiba among the top 100 largest companies in the world.
    Toshiba has received over 100 awards from Buyers Laboratory Inc., BERTL, Office Products Analyst and Better Buy For Business, confirming our commitment to quality.
    Quality—it’s always our top priority. Toshiba strives to receive the highest level of certification possible.
    Named the most favored manufacturer ten times since 1989 by the Business Technology Association (BTA). And named copier manufacturer of the year eight times by Marketing Research Consultants, Inc.
    Toshiba uses Six Sigma methodology to ensure the highest product quality, increased customer satisfaction and faster reaction to changing markets.
    Toshiba’s annual R&D expenditures are in excess of $3.3 billion dollars.





Toshiba Tech has the right risk free solutions for your company Month to Month Rentals (New and Demo equipment) Easy process to qualify in 24 hours. NO RISK – EVERYTHING INCLUDED – ONE PAYMENT MONTHLY NO EARLY SETTLEMENT FEES – UPGRADE WHENEVER YOU WANT. At Toshiba Tech we never ask you to sign a long-term contract. Instead, we work to earn your ongoing trust and business every day.

We believe it is just good business to make purchasing from Toshiba Tech as risk-free as possible, with no long-term financial commitments. We believe that it’s a relationship that is built on continually offering solutions that meet your needs and going past every finish line to fill your needs ……. Not locking you into contracts.


Toshiba Tech Certified Re-Rentals – New – demo and refurbished options available
Easy process to qualify within 24 hours


Top Reasons To Rent


Toshiba Tech Financial Advantage Rental Options


1. There is no risk.

If at any time you are unsatisfied with our performance or copier you can cancel your service without penalty. Our month-to-month agreement means you can also upgrade or change your program as your needs change. There is no 3 to 5-year contract you can’t get out of or early termination fees.


2. Everything is included:

The copier, all service, supplies, and parts.


3. Copiers can be configured

with Automatic Feeder, Duplex, Sorter, and Staple Sorter. We have all sizes of copiers in stock, ready for fast delivery. New and Remanufactured.


4. A flexible rental program

allows you to change your monthly copy volume, as your business needs change. There is no penalty, and you can change as often as you need. You won’t get stuck in the wrong contract when your “guestimate” is too high or too low.


5. One payment a month

Simplify your accounting and eliminate surprises. Our program includes all services, parts, supplies, and there are no finance charges.


6. It’s our problem

All service is included, so we fix any problem. If it needs an expensive part we pay for it. If it can’t be fixed we will replace your machine. (Try asking a leasing company if you want your copier replaced!).


7. 100% Tax deductible

(operating expenses vs. capital expenditure). There is no need to depreciate the copier. Simply write off all costs as a business expense.


8. Need to Copy Basis:

Need a copier for a special event or on a short-term basis? We will rent a copier for one year, one month, or even one day.

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Yes, especially if you are a small business on a tight budget.

We can assist with the perfect copier to rent for your small business.

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The general accepted average lifespan is 5 years.

Look for one with a good track record and 5+ years industry experience.