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UPS Systems for Sale in South Africa


Over the past decade, the concept of energy services and energy service firms have expanded and flourished in many nations throughout the world, South Africa included.


South Africa has the highest rates of electricity generation, distribution, and consumption on the African continent. However, the country’s energy situation is deteriorating, with rolling load shedding in effect constantly since November 2022, declining reliability, and a unique trend of fewer electrification projects. It is likely that daily load shedding will see 2023 out, making that year the worst on record.


Despite this, the value chain for energy service equipment providers in South Africa is thriving.


Toshiba’s UPS systems for sale provide an effective means of protecting your business from the disruptive impacts of power outages. Our UPS systems are the most effective since they automatically switch to battery power in the event of a power failure. You won’t have to worry about losing data, having hardware malfunction, or waiting for unnecessary amounts of time.


When it comes to the production of electronic goods, Toshiba is unrivalled in terms of quality, innovation, and reach. The mission of the Group is to make people’s lives safer, easier, and more rewarding in every way possible. We combine our innovative spirit and firm belief in protecting our global environment since we are all invested in the future and feel a responsibility to do so. Alternatively you can browse out wide selection of generators for sale.


What Is a UPS System?


A backup power supply, or UPS, will keep your electronics running smoothly. In the case of a disruption or variations in the mains power supply, a UPS can rapidly provide clean battery backup power and surge protection for plugged-in, sensitive equipment.


Type of UPS Systems


Choosing the right UPS for your requirements is a complicated process. It is important to consider the load size, location, and criticality of the equipment to be protected, as well as the budget, while selecting a UPS for power backup.


Online double-conversion, line-interactive, and offline (sometimes called standby and battery backup) are the three most common UPS configurations. Internal power flow characterises the type of UPS system.



UPS Sizes


Both the maximum wattage and maximum VA (volt-ampere) ratings of the device are specified. All devices must adhere to the limits set for them when combined. Power consumption, measured in watts, is distinct from power consumption, measured in volt-amps, which is calculated by multiplying the voltage applied to the device by the current obtained from it.


Wattage is always more than VA rating, however the two figures may be very different for various computers and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) models.


You should make sure that your UPS’s Output Watt Capacity is at least 20–25% more than the sum total of the power needs of all of your devices.


With Online Double Conversion technology, you’ll have the best power backup possible. Although AC power appears steady at its generator, it is susceptible to voltage drops, spikes, and even outages as it travels through the power grid and into homes and businesses. Don’t take the chance of losing data or damaging equipment because of a power outage; only Online Double Conversion UPS can provide complete protection against blackouts.


By converting AC power to DC and then back to AC, our online UPS system provides an exceptionally effective “double conversion” precaution against variations in the mains supply. Put your mind at ease knowing that your most important processes will always have access to clean, stable power thanks to our Online UPS.


Our Line-Interactive UPS is the best option for places with frequent power fluctuations. It successfully manages large input voltage swings before transitioning to battery mode, and it also provides power conditioning and battery backup. You may rest assured that your expensive electronics are safe inside the Line-Interactive UPS’s expansive input voltage range and cutting-edge voltage boost circuitry.


Our Standby UPS (Offline UPS) is an efficient and cost-effective backup power system that automatically switches to battery power in the event of an electrical loss. This technology is ideal for low-demand settings such as home offices, personal computers, and less mission-critical uses. It protects computers, game consoles, workstations, and wireless networks, allowing you time to safely save data and power down before the power goes out completely.

Protect your most important equipment from power outages with our cutting-edge UPS solutions. Our UPS systems will provide you with peace of mind and consistent performance.


Why Choose Toshiba?


The Toshiba Group has been an industry leader for more than a century, providing the world with innovative, dependable, and environmentally friendly electrical equipment. Since the 1960s, we have proudly served many power networks in Sub-Saharan Africa, where we were among the first to engage in power generation activities.


When you buy a Toshiba, you’re investing in quality. We guarantee the highest level of care and precision for your power systems by delivering modern engineering, comprehensive analysis, and original design. Our number one goal is to meet and exceed your expectations by providing you with high-quality, individualised service.


Our devoted and highly-skilled sales team stays abreast of the most recent energy backup product offerings and industry developments. We take pride in being the most sought-after providers of energy backup, offering a wide variety of premium solutions to our esteemed clients.

By remaining on the cutting edge of technological advancements, we ensure that our customers have access to innovative solutions tailored to their particular needs. Our unbiased approach distinguishes us from the competition; as we are not bound to a single manufacturer, we are free to provide the optimal solution for any given application.


You will receive personalised service, expert guidance, and an extensive selection of energy backup options from us. Enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted power with our superior products and superior customer service. Join our family of satisfied customers and entrust us with your energy backup requirements!


As market leaders, we’re motivated by a desire to save lives, make people safer, and power progress. Together, our skills, knowledge, and values can shape a better future in which protecting the planet is a top priority. You may rest assured that Toshiba will take up the duty of preserving the planet for future generations.

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