Toshiba Tech Energy Supply Equipment Rental and Purchase Options

Power sources have become unstable causing many Businesses to make an informed decision keeping the power on with a reputable technology partner.Energy Backup Solutions

In the current era businesses need to stay above the grid and have a stable power supply with backup and support. Toshiba Tech power solutions your business can benefit from having the latest technology and support allowing you to run your business without costly interruptions.

Having constant power has become a part of ICT expenditure and when it comes down to budget and having a full scale system that works Toshiba Tech has structured energy systems with flexible rental and purchase options. In addition, rental options help your cash flow and choice of solution being dependent on outlay. Get in touch with Toshiba Tech team today about financing the right energy Solution that will cover your needs.


Toshiba Tech provides a full range of small to large inverter battery-based, solar and generator solutions to suit every budget, providing you backup power when you need it. Our energy tech solutions are designed to support your performance.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

A UPS is a device that gives battery backup power by means of an Inverter when the utility power fails or drops below unacceptable voltage levels.

Inverter systems

An inverter is an electronic circuit that converts Direct current (DC) to Alternating current (AC). The energy is supplied from a DC source like a rectifier charger or a battery. In the event of an AC power supply failure, the DC from the battery is converted to AC to be used by the respective load devices.


This is a machine that converts one form of energy into another, specifically mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Solar Energy Systems

Solar cells produce direct current electricity from sunlight which can be used to power equipment or to recharge a battery.


A storage battery is a type of electrical battery which can be charged then discharged into a load, and recharged again.

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Why Choose Toshiba Tech?

Toshiba Tech energy Audits

The first step to being energy wise and reducing your costs will be assisted by our tea, conducting a energy Audit ensuring you understand your own energy needs and usage so that we can offer you a energy system that will keep your business / house up and running. Whether it be to assist you in saving costs on energy or a much needed back up power solution.

Monitoring and support systems

Back up power and alternative energy solutions can also create worry foe the end user and Toshiba Tech takes care of all your energy system monitoring and support so that you can do what you do best and run your business or household keeping you up and running and ensuring your system is performing at its optimal ratings

Tech Rental – Finance solutions

Customised financing options for Business and Households allowing you to benefit by purchasing the right equipment form the word go.

Energy Backup Solutions

Toshiba Tech energy solutions benefits.

Solar Energy Systems

Although the initial cost of investing in backup power supply solutions might be quite high, this cost is quickly absorbed in the event of power outages. Make sure your business does not suffer from lost revenue


The risk of theft and other criminal activity is increased during a power outage. You can ensure the safety of your business or house by installing a backup power supply solution which will keep your energy equipment running. You are also able to ensure security devices such as electric fencing and alarm systems always remain operational.

Equipment protection

The constant surge of electricity as a result of power going on and off can damage sensitive electronic equipment, costing you a lot more in the long run especially with most insurance companies notifying consumers of huge changes in ensuring electronic equipment that is being affected by any electricity load shedding form.

Protect your produce

If your industry requires refrigeration for the storage of your produce, then a backup power supply solution is vital. In cases where load shedding continues for more than four hours, you are likely to lose a large amount of your produce while also risking the health of customers.

Job security

Loss in revenue as a result of power outages could force you to make employees redundant. A backup power supply will keep everything operational, while also keeping staff morale high.


With grid-supply to your alternate back-up supply ensures a seamless power experience even when the grid goes down

Your standard of customer service can remain consistent during power outages, as internet and phone lines will not be affected.

No upfront capital outlay, thanks to our tailor-made rental solutions. I.T infrastructure is not impacted by power outages.

The benefits of a Toshiba Tech backup power solution to homes and businesses are vast, but the energy supplier you choose is just as important as the hardware you invest in, and when it comes to choosing a power back solution supplier in South Africa, you can’t get more trusted than Toshiba Tech SA – we remain 100% customer focused since 1999.

Our highly skilled sales team is committed to keeping abreast of all the latest energy back up product offerings and industry advancements. We ensure we are the preferred energy back up suppliers by tracking technological developments and providing our clients with a variety of quality. Because we are not limited to a single manufacturer, we are able to offer the best of bread solution for any application, without bias.

Our service doesn’t end with the sale. In addition to our energy back up supply offerings, we also carry out expert installation and thorough commissioning for a seamless transition to backup power. To minimise risk at all times, we perform ongoing system maintenance, share unique industry insights, and offer advanced remote monitoring and control of your energy backup, including load monitoring and status reports. This ensures you are getting the most out of your energy system backup while protecting your valuable equipment.

Our extensively qualified technical teams consist of factory-trained and certified technicians. This team is tasked with focusing solely on after-sales’ service and support, ensuring we’re constantly available to cater to all of our clients’ standby power needs.

We understand the budgetary limitations experienced by industries, but we also understand the need for uninterrupted power supply. That’s why our zero CAPEX, off balance sheet, industry leading rental option is the best choice for all our clients.
Toshiba Tech SA Energy Solutions will keep your power up.

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