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We are one of South Africa’s leading company offering Toshiba printers for sale, Toshiba printer rentals and Toshiba copiers throughout South Africa. Printers, copiers or multifunctional office automation products are a necessary part of every modern business. Even though most companies are digital these days, having a printer for those important documents and quotations which need to be printed is still important.

At Toshiba, we have a wide range of printing devices that can be used in all types of businesses. We want to help make your business a success by reducing your printing costs which you can easily do when installing the right printer for the job. Whether you have one printer in your office or an entire fleet of printers, we have you covered.

Printers for sale

Do you need a permanent printer in your home or business? Toshiba has the affordable printer that will form a part of the office machinery that is needed for your business. You no longer have to worry about expensive machinery that is unreliable when you need it most. With our printers and copiers for sale, you can be sure that you will never have to worry about not being able to print out those important documents. We sell all types of printers and we are sure to find the right printer for your printing needs. Multifunctional printers, all-in-one devices, wide format printers, high volume printers and colour laser printers are just a few of the printers and copies that we have for sale. Able to keep up with your most intense printing demands, our Toshiba printers for sale make for the most ideal office machinery.

Not everyone needs a full-time printer, and for those people, there is always the option of printer rentals. If you are looking to save money but still have that high-quality printing when you need it, printer rentals are certainly the option to go with. We know that you don’t have time to waste when you are in business and this is why we offer our clients the option of printer rentals.

Get your printers from Toshiba. Contact us today to find out more about how you can get a high-quality printer.

Black and white multifunctional printers

Black and white multifunctional printers are ideal for those companies that do not have to have colour printing and are looking to save money. When you just have to print in black and white you are guaranteed to be saving money.

Black and white printers

Black and white printers are ideal for any company that is looking to save costs and doesn’t really need to have a colour printer. The ink for a colour printer can be pricey, as you might know, and if you really don’t need to have a colour printer, and you are looking to save costs, then you should seriously think about investing in an affordable black and white printer. At Toshiba, you will find that ideal black and white printer suited to your printing needs.

Black and white production printing

There are some industries that rely heavily on production printing. Production printing is a form of commercial or industrial printing and it is done using a larger, specialised printing machine. Your average office printer is unlikely to be able to handle heavy duty production printing, as it is simply not suitable for the job. Production printing allows for fine detail to be printed and if you do not need to print in colour but you still need to do production printing, then you need a black and white production printing machine.

Colour multifunctional printing

A colour multifunctional printer is able to do many different jobs, making it the ideal machine to have in your business. This type of printer is able to not only handle your various printing needs, it is also able to fax, photocopy, email, and scan. When you are scanning and emailing in colour, your company is going to look very professional. Sometimes colour plays an important role in how a business presents itself, but these printers will usually give you the option of printing in black and white for those jobs that don’t require colour.

Colour printers

Toshiba Colour printers are always a great addition to the office or to your home. Printing in colour gives you many opportunities to be creative and to print out stunning designs, professional looking letterheads, logos, or even family photographs. A colour printer is usually able to give you the option of printing in black and white if that is all that you want to do, making it an affordable and versatile piece of office equipment. At Toshiba, we have a wide range of colour printers available for our clients and with our reliable printers you are never going to have to worry about delays.

Colour production printing

Colour multifunctional printing is a must in those more artistic industries. Design studios and other companies that have special industrial colour printing needs will often use a production printer to get that desired effect that is needed when they are relaying the final product to a client or when they are giving a client the final draft of the work to be done. This machine does printing like no other type of machine and if your company is in need of some production printing, then you will need one of these.