Toshiba Multifunction Printers Simplify Businesses’ Document Workflow


Toshiba Tech SA Launched the most amazing A4 MFP and the uptake has been unheard of, therefore we would like to put it out there and let you know why this product is doing so well.

We are proud to introduce this multifunction printer and show you how it can simplify businesses’ document workflow.

New e-STUDIO Systems Blend Power, Security, Eco & Cloud Functionality within a Sturdy, Space-Saving Design. Toshiba Tech SA broadens its industry-recognized multifunction printer (MFP) line with the introduction of its intuitive, high-performance e-STUDIO™330AC/400AC series.

Toshiba Multifunction Printers Simplify Businesses’ Document Workflow

Toshiba’s latest colour, letter-size (A4) MFP duo merges the power, performance, and functionality of the company’s award-winning ledger-size (A3) models within a durable, compact design. The e-STUDIO330AC/400AC series additionally combines ease-of-use elements with robust next-generation security, eco, and cloud technology to streamline, simplify and protect document workflow for enterprise and small-to-medium-size businesses alike.


“Toshiba’s new e-STUDIO systems harness the power and functionality of full-featured A3 models within an A4 design,” “Beyond its impressive performance capabilities, the MFPs simplify the user experience, primarily via Toshiba’s unique Elevate UI, which automates routine workflows for individuals as well as specific workgroups.”


The MFPs include Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE™ user interface (UI) – also available in Toshiba’s full-sized models – permitting effortless, walk-up programming which further differentiates the e-STUDIO330AC/400AC series. The UI embeds Toshiba’s unique Elevate™ platform creating additional time savings and efficiency by automating routine workflows for individual employees as well as entire departments.


Producing up to 40 colour pages per minute at an under seven-second first-copy-out-time, Toshiba’s latest e-STUDIO pair quickly and efficiently deliver vibrant documents including corporate presentations, educational materials, and marketing collateral. A duplex single pass feeder (DSPF) similarly improves user efficiency by copying and scanning (to file or email) single-sided originals at up to 120 double-sided impressions per minute.


Toshiba systems additionally feature e-BRIDGE Cloud Connect. Toshiba’s cloud platform presents continuous remote monitoring, diagnostics, and firmware updates to e-STUDIO devices. Cloud Connect manages system security policies while improving the everyday operation of customer print fleets.


Understanding the importance of securing company information, Toshiba deploys security elements within its systems. The company’s MFPs tout BIOS protection digitally signed firmware and self-encrypting hard drives with proprietary wipe technology. Toshiba devices shield the confidentiality of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected healthcare information (PHI). Toshiba’s print fleet is also Hard Copy Device Protection Profile (HCD-PP) certified with optional Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validated hard drives to further safeguard customer information.


Printing to and scan-from the e-STUDIO330AC/400AC series to their mobile devices is a breeze when utilizing the MFPs’ e-BRIDGE™ Print & Capture Entry app supporting Apple® iOS and Android™. Toshiba also supports leading third-party software solutions including document management integration and scalable fax offerings.


Toshiba’s systems adhere to the company’s commitment to reduce environmental impact by meeting stringent criteria of major environmental standards and certifications including EPEAT® Gold, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (or RoHS) and ENERGY STAR®.


“Our latest e-STUDIO systems represent a significant step forward for Toshiba,” said Toshiba Tech SA  Kingsley Chambers “The systems combine the latest security, cloud, and eco elements in an A4 footprint with the performance of a full-sized MFP to complete the day-to-day document workflow for virtually any organization.”


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