The benefits of partnering with a shredding company


In recent years, data protection has climbed to the top of the agenda. Because of legislative changes, it is now more vital than ever for organizations to develop safe data handling systems. If physical papers and files are not properly processed and disposed of, they present the risk of a data breach. For many businesses, avoiding this problem entails ensuring that documents are shredded after they are no longer needed. However, complications with documents can occur before they are shredded, and this is where a security wheelie bin container, also known as a shredding console, can be most useful.


Why should you partner with a shredding company?


Addressing data security issues within the company


Despite the fact that many businesses now strive to be paperless, paper documents are still necessary for many procedures. No matter how little the amount of sensitive and personal data contained in files and papers, large volumes of documents in an office environment unavoidably create risk and therefore should be carefully disposed of.

The ease and reliability of a regular service where papers are shredded on-site are only one of the benefits of working with a professional shredding organization.


What happens to records before they’re shredded?


Businesses are increasingly depending on secure, lockable shredding consoles to ensure that papers are not accessible before being destroyed.


Enhanced Security


Shredding consoles are lockable, so documents can’t be retrieved, misplaced, or stolen while they’re inside. Documents will remain in the console until they are collected by your shredding partner for destruction. This significantly minimizes the company’s risk of a data breach. Open bins or bags can be easily accessed, and the data inside can be exploited or taken away without anyone’s knowledge. A shredding console has the advantage of preventing this.


Assuring legal Compliance


Regulations such as the POPIA have established significantly stricter criteria for data protection and disposal.

The use of shredding consoles allows for the establishment of a secure chain of custody, indicating that standards have been satisfied and that your company is as compliant as possible. You can even get a Certificate of Destruction to prove that you followed the regulatory guidelines. It is both cost-effective and time-saving. Shredding consoles bring order to the document destruction process. Everyone knows where documents should be left and where they should be collected. There is no immediate need to shred in-house because shredding consoles enable secure storage, freeing up workers to add value elsewhere and eliminating the need to pay for shredding equipment for your firm.

Instead, the shredding consoles can be filled as necessary and then collected according to the schedule agreed with your shredding partner. Any business can benefit from shredding consoles and from a more secure approach to physical data destruction.


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