How To Oil a Paper Shredder

The major parts of a paper shredder are mechanical, although it usually has some electronics for the control panel to work and sometimes one or two sensors. These devices have numerous gears and blades that rotate continuously while shredding paper. Paper dust particles have a tendency to accumulate over time in all the crevices between these gears. This buildup makes shredders operate slowly or improperly. As a result, regular lubrication is required for all shredders.

One of the best things you can do to keep your shredder in good condition is to oil it properly and regularly. A shredder’s lifespan WILL be shortened if this isn’t applied. In this blog, we will be discussing how to use oil to clean your paper shredder.

How Much Oil Should I Put in a Paper Shredding Machine?

Mechanical oils vary from one another. It is a good idea to use oil made specifically for paper shredders. Never spray oils like WD-40 or Q-20. This is because the gases utilized to propel the oil are extremely combustible. It would not be great if your shredder caught fire as a result of this, remember, electronics.

For larger shredders with an automatic self-oiling mechanism, several shredder oils are produced. Regularly check and restock these shredders. Some have a nozzle top that is used to manually pour oil. They are typically the smallest shredders for homes and offices.

Methods for Oiling Paper Shredders

Your shredder can be manually oiled using one of two techniques. The first step is to grease a piece of paper before shredding it. To prevent the oil from leaking through the sheets, it is advised to use two or more sheets. Reverse the direction of the shredder after the paper has been processed. This guarantees even and complete oil distribution.

Direct machine oiling is the second manual method of lubrication. Squeezing the oil bottle gently, run it over the gears. After that, run a few papers through the shredder and briefly turn it back to disperse the oil.

How Frequently Should You Oil a Shredder?

Each shredder machine will have instructions that specify a certain time period or series of time periods during which you should lubricate the device. Oiling the shredder is frequently ignored in large offices where a variety of employees regularly use it. A good rule of thumb would be to lubricate the shredder before using it when it hasn’t been used for a while or whenever the basket needs to be emptied.

We hope that this article has given you the information and directions you need to properly lubricate your paper shredder. It will undoubtedly increase the shredder’s lifespan. For more detailed advice on how to oil different machine models, consult the shredder user handbook.

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