The Best Office Equipment For 2023

The global economy is being restructured because of the combination of economic crises caused by COVID, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, disruptions in the supply chain, record-high inflation, food shortages, and rising fuel prices. Companies are more likely to automate routine tasks because wages at the bottom of the scale are rising quickly.

When management teams think about increasing technology budgets in the face of a slowdown in 2023, they are in a tough spot. Even though 86% of people who make decisions think there will be a recession, they are planning to spend more on technology. While 6% of businesses will spend less next year, 51% say they will spend an average of 21% more.

There will be significant changes to the way we operate in the year 2030. The experience of working for an organization will be enhanced by new technology that allows for more adaptable and creative methods of production. However, investing in the proper technology now is essential to achieving the workplace of the future.

If you’re looking for the best quality office equipment in 2023, Toshiba Tech South Africa is where to look.

Best CCTV Systems in South Africa


Despite criminals continuously finding new ways to bypass security, CCTV in Gauteng from Toshiba Tech remains one of the most effective systems to counter this scourge. Having both CCTV and a good security company can give you peace of mind that your business is always being protected in the best way possible.

Because of their continuously high-quality and reliable products, Toshiba is already a household name worldwide. With the same attention to detail and rigorous testing that has made us the go-to manufacturer for photocopiers and PABX systems in the world, we have set the bar extremely high for our Johannesburg-based CCTV system offering.

Our Thermal Heat Sensor CCTV cameras reflect the most recent developments in CCTV technology. This implies that you will always receive a product that is up-to-date and capable of keeping you safe. Digital surveillance at entry points is an excellent crime deterrent and supplement to armed guards.

We don’t just cater to the city’s burgeoning commercial sector; we also provide effective CCTV systems for homes.

best cctv equipment for 2023

The high-end color e-STUDIO7516AC MFP


Toshiba has upgraded its lineup with the new high-end color e-STUDIO7516AC MFP Series, which is meant to be a direct replacement for the e-STUDIO7506AC. The device offers improvements and new capabilities, such as the latest-generation e-BRIDGE Next controller and an improved user interface dubbed Elevate.

Elevate has a larger interface than Toshiba’s previous touchscreen. At 10.1″, the touchscreen acts like a tablet and has an embedded web browser and customizable one-touch icons for common operations. You can make a single copy, send a PDF file through email, or copy and staple with just a push of a button. The features can be adjusted to better meet the requirements of individual businesses.

Elevate also comes with sample user interface design templates to fit the company’s industry, such as healthcare, legal or education. Toshiba’s service team offers a scalable design framework for businesses with specialized UI requirements.

The e-STUDIO7516AC Series targets very large offices and production-level facilities. The standard paper handling setup includes a tandem of two 540-sheet drawers, a large capacity feeder with two 1,160-sheet trays, and a 120-sheet bypass, for a total of 3,520 sheets. Large capacity feeders that hold up to 2,500 sheets are available as an add-on for users that need to handle more than 6,020 sheets at once.

The Kobra 300.1C4 Shredder


With its carbon-hardened steel cutting knives that are immune to staples and clips, the Kobra 300.1 C4 Shredder is dependable and resistant to wear. The motor in the shredder is protected against overheating and the duty cycle by operating for 24 hours straight. It can cross-cut paper to a size of 3/16 x 1 1/2 inches (P-4), and it can handle up to 22 sheets at once.

It has a built-in automatic oiling system and enters a power-saving standby mode after eight seconds of inactivity, thanks to its energy-efficient smart system. It can start and stop on its own, and even reverse itself if it gets jammed. When the door is opened, the safety stop system activates, and the blades immediately cease moving. Also included is a trash bin with a capacity of 110 liters.

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Best PABX system in Johannesburg, South Africa


PABX’s adaptability is a major selling point for the innovative enterprise that seeks to create a positive effect through optimal means. The user interfaces of these systems may be simple, but the underlying technology is anything but. With a state-of-the-art PABX in the Johannesburg system, you can set up and join conference calls, record calls, and more. All of your phone calls will be routed through a single hub, eliminating any possibility of channel switching.

The quickest and most effective way to meet your company’s communication demands is with Toshiba’s PABX in Johannesburg.