Toshiba Tech SA is the leading Toshiba Dealer in copier and printer rentals and solutions in Constantia, South Africa.

If you are looking for new print solutions in Constantia our team of experts can assist you in getting the best price and solution on the printer that will suit your office printing needs best. At Toshiba Tech SA we strive in cost saving printer and copier devices that are also managed for further cost savings. Our solutions are designed to save you money and resources to enable you to save up to 40% of your print spend.


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Copiers and printers are no longer just there for printing documents and making copies, today needs are far more vast in terms of what the office requires to operate a print friendly environment as ease of use designed system that doesn’t cost you money were staff don’t see the need to save. Toshiba Tech SA designs customised solutions that enable your organisation to better perform and save on waste. With our document management solutions which have become more and more affordable with technology advancing daily enables even small SMEs to start off with the right solutions. You can contact Toshiba Tech SA to help you make the right decisions from day one when choosing printers or copiers. Our Managed document solution specialists will come to you and assist by doing a full print audit report for you before you go and commit to any new printer rentals or copier rentals.
We don’t just provide service in Constantia but also the whole of South Africa. We also provide a full range of purchase options that will suit your budget needs such as month to month printer rentals and fixed term rental solutions.