5 Ways to Give Your Equipment a Longer Life Span and Save Money


Setting up your office with all the necessary equipment isn’t cheap, so you certainly want to make sure that you not only purchase high-quality machines but also know how to properly care for that equipment so that it can last for a long time. Toshiba Tech SA takes care of all your office equipment needs and services but would also like to list a few simple ways you can illuminate errors and prolong your own private use machines and or other machines you might be using in your offices currently.


Printers, scanners, copiers, and multi-function machines get a lot of use. Dozens of people are putting the machines to work every day, so it can be difficult to keep them in good condition and avoid frustrating breakdowns. If you learn how to properly care for your machines, you can avoid equipment issues that can disrupt the usual workflow at the office.


Regular maintenance checks are important for keeping your machines are optimal efficiency, but there are also a lot of simple ways to prevent your equipment from malfunctioning.

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Regardless of your equipment or machine’s price or value to your office and employees, always remember these tips to give equipment a longer life span and save money:


1.      Keep your machines clean

Machines should be kept clean and free from dust at all times. Always clean your machines the right way. You may learn how from the care instructions that may have been provided to you by the manufacturer. Make sure that you’re using the right cleaning materials to avoid damage to sensitive parts such as screens, buttons, and electrical components. When in doubt, call a professional! This cleaning prolongs the life of your machines.


2.      Put some thought into where you place your machines

Keep your machines in an area where it would less likely be affected by various factors such as sunlight and temperature.  For example, printers, scanners, and copiers should not be placed in direct sunlight. You’ll also want to limit chances of spills by keeping machines separate from break rooms and other areas were food and drink might make their way onto the machine. Make sure you switch off correctly through the process of shutdown and not just switch off as this will help not cause damages to your hardware and hard drive. Switch your copier off daily and unplug to make sure if there is any load shedding during the night that these electrical spikes don’t cause damages to your printer or copier equipment


3.      Regularly check for small repairs and defects

Always check for any minor repairs or defects in your machines. These are usually composed of loose screws, broken seals, misplaced covers, and so on. As small as these repairs may seem, they can still lead to bigger damages. As a special tip, thoroughly check a machine before and after purchasing it to ensure that it’s free from factory or manufacturer defect. This will not only ensure that you have a fully functional machine but also save you from facing bigger problems, like having to buy a new printer,  in the future.


4.      Follow instruction manuals for usage

Following manufacturer instructions will not only help a person use a machine or equipment properly, it will also protect the user from potential hazards and risks of dangerous chemicals, fire, and other hazards. Oftentimes, these manuals explain in detail small maintenance instructions for each piece of equipment.


5.      Follow required inspection and maintenance

As much as you want to avoid additional or unnecessary costs, some machines do require a bit of professional help once in a while. It’s better to bring in an expert than potentially cause irreparable harm to your equipment.


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