Best Printers and Copiers for Travel Agencies: On-Demand Brochure Printing and Ticketing


Brochures, fliers, and tickets are just a few examples of the marketing materials that travel businesses produce, and they all depend on efficient printing solutions. To meet these demands, Toshiba has developed a variety of printers and photocopiers. We look at some of the best printers and copiers for travel agencies.

Here are some global tourism data to set the stage before entering Toshiba’s products. The direct impact of travel and tourism on the world’s gross domestic product was 7.6 per cent of the total in 2022, amounting to almost 7.7 trillion USD. Worldwide, over 95,000 international tourists arrived at the beginning of 2019, spending nearly $1.9 trillion. Despite the pandemic’s impact, international arrivals across Africa rebounded, reaching 171% of 2021 levels in the first seven months of 2023.

The natural beauty and rich cultural history of Africa provide visitors with unforgettable experiences. With arrivals reaching 85% of pre-pandemic levels in Q1 2023/4, the continent’s tourism industry is showing signs of recovery.

When it comes to printing, travel firms can rely on Toshiba’s extensive selection of copiers and printers. Black and white multifunctional printers from Toshiba’s array are perfect for on-demand brochure printing; they maintain quality even when agencies don’t need colour printing. They also have colour laser printers that produce really vivid prints, which are great for making brochures that stand out and entice guests. When you need to print up posters or bigger brochures, go no further than Toshiba’s wide-format printers.

When it comes to huge print runs, agencies can rely on Toshiba’s high-volume printers for reliable and efficient printing. The printers from Toshiba are just as good at printing tickets. Adaptability, great paper handling, and rapid monochrome printing (25 ppm) are all features of models like the Toshiba e-STUDIOTM 2518A. Various agencies have different ticketing demands, but the Toshiba e-STUDIOTM 3018A can handle them all with its flexible colour scanning and finishing options. The sturdy Toshiba e-STUDIOTM 5018A multifunction printer is a dependable answer to the problem of printing a large number of tickets at once, meeting the needs of hectic travel companies with ease.

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Guide to Top Printers and Copiers for Travel Agencies

Why On-Demand Printing is Essential


The requirement for current and personalised content makes on-demand printing essential for travel firms. Brochures should always be up-to-date with the most recent information, including prices, deals, and travel warnings. With on-demand printing, agencies can swiftly create brochures of excellent quality, guaranteeing that the information consumers receive is both accurate and visually appealing.

Toshiba Printing Stallwarts


Toshiba e-STUDIO5525AC Series


The Toshiba e-STUDIO5525AC series is perfect for travel agencies requiring high-volume colour printing. This series stands out for its exceptional colour accuracy, fast print speeds, and robust performance, making it ideal for producing high-end brochures.


Key Specifications:

  • Print Speed: Up to 55 pages per minute (ppm) in both colour and black and white.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi, ensuring vibrant and detailed prints.
  • User Interface: 10.1-inch tablet-style touchscreen for easy operation.
  • Advanced Colour Calibration: Ensures consistent and accurate colour reproduction.


Best Use Scenarios:


  • High-volume brochure printing.
  • Materials that require vivid colour and high detail.


Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP


The Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP is a hybrid printer that combines traditional monochrome printing with erasable blue toner, making it ideal for both internal and external document printing.


Key Specifications:


  • Print Speed: 35 ppm.
  • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi (with an enhanced 2400 x 600 dpi).
  • Hybrid Printing Technology: Allows for reusing paper, reducing waste.
  • Eco-friendly Features: Low power consumption and quick start-up.


Best Use Scenarios:


  • Internal document printing.
  • Eco-conscious agencies looking to reduce paper waste.
Top Printers and Copiers for Travel Agencies

Toshiba e-STUDIO5015AC


For agencies that require versatility and productivity, the Toshiba e-STUDIO5015AC offers a comprehensive solution. It supports high-quality colour printing and efficient document management.


Key Specifications:


  • Print Speed: Up to 50 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi for outstanding print quality.
  • Multi-Station Print Enabler: Print from any location within the network.
  • Cloud and Mobile Printing: Supports integration with cloud services and mobile devices.

Best Use Scenarios:


  • Medium to large-sized agencies.
  • Offices requiring flexible and mobile printing solutions.


Toshiba e-STUDIO7506AC


Designed for large travel agencies with extensive printing needs, the Toshiba e-STUDIO7506AC combines speed, reliability, and high-capacity output.


Key Specifications:


  • Print Speed: Up to 75 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • Professional Finishing Options: Stapling, booklet making, and hole punching.
  • Security Features: Advanced data protection and secure document handling.


Best Use Scenarios:


  • High-volume, professional-quality printing.
  • Agencies requiring advanced finishing for their printed materials.


Why Choose a Toshiba Printer?


There are a lot of reasons why Toshiba printers are so popular in the tourism sector. First of all, they are known for their steady performance and long lifespan, which guarantees that printing duties will be finished without a hitch. Their reliability is second to none.

Secondly, brochures and tickets are printed to a professional grade and consistently excellent quality with exceptional resolution using Toshiba printers.

The third benefit is that they make it easier to manage print jobs with their straightforward controls and user-friendly interfaces, which speeds up the printing process. The e-STUDIO4508LP model is just one example of Toshiba’s eco-friendly printers that help lessen their influence on the planet by providing cutting-edge solutions for printing.

Finally, security printing and cloud connectivity are only two of the advanced features offered by Toshiba printers. These features boost productivity and give travel agencies the flexibility they need to fulfill their different needs.

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