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Digitization of your Documents before Shredding Supplied to you as Searchable PDF Documents

Our services include:

  • On-site shredding Drop and Collect Daily rentals
    • On Site Shredding Drop and Collect Machine and Labour
  • Off-site shredding At our in House facility
  • Security wheelie bin containers
  • Regular collections
  • One-off clearances
    • Scan Documents before Shredding to PDF
    • Scan Documents using our OCR software and Zoning software allowing searchable and editable PDFS

We are currently working towards ISO 9001 accreditation for our quality management, and ISO 14001 accreditation for our environmental management.

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Digi-Shred provides a full cycle Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution for your business, from planning and preparation of the digital transition of your records, to implementing a private online document repository for your documents, and to the secure destruction of paper records. Every business – financial services, retail, manufacturing, education, government, and others – will benefit from affordable technology that assists in capturing, storing and retrieving information.

For certain industries, such as health care, the migration to the electronic health record for each patient is mandatory, and incentives exist to help providers convert to digital form. Converting your records will take planning and an investment of time and resources to reach demonstrated use and achieve long term benefits. Scanning and storing electronic documents is the first step to the electronic record transition.

Document Imaging and Electronic Storage is a multi-step process.

Digi-Shred uses the Toshiba Tech Systems suite of conversion software to capture and assure clarity, readability, and retrievability of your records.

Information on required certificate of destruction for Shredding

What is a Certificate of Destruction and How Do You Obtain One?

A Certificate of Destruction (COD) is an important document that includes all the pertinent details regarding your shredding service. Following every paper shredding or media destruction service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed. Beyond simply providing peace of mind, your Certificate of Destruction is proof that your information is no longer at risk and that your business is compliant with relevant privacy laws.

When is a Certificate of Destruction Required?

If your organization handles documents that contain sensitive and confidential information, you will need to securely destroy them according to proper document retention guidelines. Different industries have different information security risks regarding sensitive information. However, here is an overarching list of the types of information confidential documents can contain:

  • Personally, identifiable information (PII)
  • Information protected by privacy laws
  • Corporate trade secrets
  • Financial details

Information that can be easily overlooked (e.g., boarding passes, shipping labels, photos, etc.)

Digital information (e.g., hard drives)

To remain compliant with privacy and security laws in the event of an audit, your organization should receive a Certificate of Destruction after each service showing that your documents, hard drives, and media have been securely destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction provides proof that your material has been safely and securely destroyed. 

This helps to ensure that your organization is meeting all required security laws and can be quite useful in the event of an audit.

A secure shredding service should provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that thoroughly documents the type of shredding service you received, when it occurred, the location of where the document destruction occurred, order number, and any other important details.


How to Get a Certificate of Destruction

Certificates of Destruction are emailed soon after service is completed, no waiting for proof of compliance. However, for your peace of mind, we can also provide paper documentation.

Sample of a Digi-Shred Certificate of Destruction can be emailed to you

A Certificate of Destruction contains all the essential information pertaining to your shredding service.

  • account details (name, address, etc.)
  • order number
  • service type
  • service time
  • equipment used
  • number of equipment serviced, the location of the equipment, and the time
  • number of extra items collected
  • truck and time

Our Certificate of Destruction also highlights the number of trees saved by your organization throughout the year because of your information being securely destroyed and recycled.

9 Ways a Digi-Shred Policy Can Take Your Security to a New Level

Implementing a Digi-Shred Policy means that all workplace documents are securely disposed of and destroyed when they are no longer needed.

While protecting an organization’s confidential information would appear to be the main reason for the policy – and it’s certainly the most important driver – there are many other benefits too.

9 ways a Digi-Shred Policy can take security to a new level:

1. Better protection:

First and foremost, a data destruction policy protects an organization’s personal and confidential information and reduces the risk of security breaches.

2. Improves compliance:

In the 2014 Security of Paper Documents in the Workplace study by online companies, almost half of respondents said compliance with privacy and data protection regulations is a primary reason for outsourcing shredding and disposal services. There are many industry regulations for privacy and security including the updated POPI Act In South Africa.

3. Professional destruction:

Industry experts recommend partnering with a professional document destruction company. The online research showed that 73% of respondents believe it is more effective to partner with an outside company than to rely on in-house shredding and disposal by employees. The document destruction company should provide a secure chain of custody with locked consoles, trained service professionals, industrial shredding equipment, and a Certificate of Destruction after every shred.

4. Less uncertainty:

This kind of data disposal policy removes uncertainty around whether documents are confidential and require shredding. There are no recycling bins for paper, and all documents are destroyed.

5. Reduction in human error:

Human error accounts for 52% of the root cause of security breaches, according to a recent study from CompTIA, an IT industry trade association. The top examples in the workplace: end-user failure to follow policies and procedures (42%) and general carelessness (42%).

6. Security is embedded:

When security is embedded in workplace processes, it helps to change employee behaviour too. Positive security behaviour is critical, according to industry observers.

7. Protection against dumpster divers:

The theft of sensitive and confidential information in dumpsters is still a big issue. In fact, dumpsters and other trash receptacles are targets for criminals looking to steal a company’s sensitive and confidential information. online research showed that paper documents are also at risk in a trash bin, and when initially printed in a communal printing tray and at an office desk.

8. Culture of security:

A document destruction policy works hand in hand with strategies that support a culture of security in the organization. For example, a Clean Desk Policy encourages employees to keep their desks clear of confidential information, especially when they are away from their workstations. These strategies also help to fight complacency around keeping information secure, which is an increasing concern, according to the 2016 State of the Industry Report from Digi-Shred.

9. Environmental protection:

Partnering with a reliable document destruction company means that paper documents are securely shredded before they are sent for recycling.

Today, it’s important to protect your organization from information thieves with a document destruction policy and in every way you can.

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