We’ve launched our most comprehensive range of high-performance colour and monochrome A3 multifunction printers (MFPs) to date. The new MFPs are exceptionally versatile and can be tailored to suit organisations’ individual print, scanning and document management needs. Efficient, secure and environmentally friendly, they provide ideal solutions for any organisation from small start-ups to multinational corporations and other environments where dependable, cost-effective document management is a key requirement.

Toshiba TEC’s new MFPs have been designed from the outset to improve business efficiency with versatility and ease of use in mind. A 10.1” tablet-style user interface provides an intuitive way to access all functions and offers instant confirmation of document workflow.

Increased efficiency is central to the design of these devices. A fully customisable user interface enables departments to tailor settings and provide easy access to pre-defined workflows — drastically reducing the time taken to complete regular tasks (for example scanning and filing invoices). The Dual-Sided Document Feeder (DSDF) also improves efficiency by scanning both sides of the paper simultaneously, resulting in an impressive speed of up to 240 images per minute!

Flexible and remote working are becoming ever more prevalent in the workplace and business’ infrastructure needs are changing accordingly to meet this demand. To help businesses, these devices have been designed with this in mind. Mobile printing is standard for all models in the range through AirPrint, Mopria Print Service and Google Cloud Print. The Scan-to-Cloud and Cloud Print apps make it simple to store and print documents remotely, and the MFPs link directly to Microsoft Office 365, enabling print and management operations straight from the cloud. Other options for remote accessibility include Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

As with all Toshiba products, security is a top priority both in the design of devices and the ways in which users can interact with them. The new MFPs include vital features to support GDPR compliance activities, including optional card, PIN and biometric authentication, as well as PIN access facilities. These features also help administrators to track the volume and types of jobs being produced by each user as well as enabling users to release jobs for printing when they are standing at the device – minimising the risk of anyone else picking up their documents. Toshiba has additional solutions such as private print, secure PDF, hardcopy security and pull-print to maximise the security of sensitive information.

In addition, Toshiba’s Secure Hard Disk Drive (HDD) provides robust security for all sensitive data on the HDD and is included as standard with the entire A3 MFP range. The 256-bit AES encryption takes place in near real-time and the encryption key is stored on the hard disc drive itself. Furthermore, the Toshiba Secure HDD will only allow the data to be accessed once the system authenticates itself. If authentication fails or the Secure HDD is placed into another device, the encryption key is automatically deleted, guaranteeing that data is secure even if the Secure HDD is removed from the machine and taken off the premises.
Sustainability and the creation of environmentally friendly products are core values for Toshiba. Energy-saving capabilities, such as a low-power Super Sleep mode and an Auto duplex facility ensure a lower total cost of ownership and limit environmental impact. In addition, all the devices comply with leading environmental programmes such as ENERGY STAR®.

Adopting low carbon footprint procedures in the manufacturing process helps minimise the lifecycle environmental impact of Toshiba products and 99.8% of all Toshiba machines are recyclable. In addition, any emissions produced as part of the manufacturing process are balanced to become ‘Carbon Zero’ which allows for positive business activities with no detrimental effect to the environment.