Best Kobra Shredder Models Available


Since our business’s founding in 2009, it has offered its clients the best office automation solutions and IT infrastructure available. Toshiba Tech SA sells goods from well-known manufacturers including Konica Minolta, Brother, Samsung, and even Sharp. These products are all offered for purchase or on a rental basis. Check out this article to learn more about the best Kobra paper shredder models for 2022 as well as some buying advice.


Buying a Kobra Shredder in 2022?


It’s normal practice to use paper shredders to get rid of documents with sensitive information. These devices are used by large corporations, small businesses, and governmental institutions to shred paper into thin, recyclable strips.

This is one of the most often asked questions we hear from consumers about these office supplies. The simple answer to this is “yes.” A paper shredder is worth the investment for a variety of reasons. One of them is the fact that these devices assist businesses in preventing identity theft. It is your duty as a functioning firm to safeguard personal information. For instance, these devices can be used to delete outdated files that include private information about former employees.

These devices support sustainability in the workplace while also assisting with security in a corporation. The paper we use to write on at work is made by cutting down a significant number of trees each day. Reusing old paper strips from shredder machines in the papermaking process is a method of sustainable farming. Your business will support the preservation of trees worldwide if you decide to purchase a paper shredder from Toshiba Tech SA.


How Do I Pick the Perfect Paper Shredder?


It might be challenging to choose a paper shredder for your company, especially with so many new types and styles on the market. Since most first-time buyers have no experience with it, they find this process to be intimidating.

Keeping it simple is one of the primary guidelines to follow when selecting the ideal paper shredder for you. Find a machine that fits your needs, but more crucially, your budget.

How frequently this gadget will be utilised in your workplace must be determined in advance. One of the main mistakes people make when purchasing a paper shredder is the machine does not meet their needs.

Your office space might become very cluttered due to piles of paper. Businesses are often looking for effective ways to discard these papers as part of their organization’s safety measures. An excellent tool for protecting sensitive information and preventing identity theft in your organisation is a shredder. Unwanted documents can be swiftly torn into teeny paper strips and thrown into the nearest garbage bin.


When looking for the ideal paper shredder, bear the following in mind:


How much office paper do you shred?

The sort of machine you want will depend on how much time you spend removing paperwork and documents from your office.


Are you seeking a particular cut type?

Customers who are wanting to purchase a shredder machine these days have a wide range of options for these machines and their cut types available to them. Are you searching for a high-security cut shredder, micro-cut shredder, cross-cut shredder, or strip cut shredder? What sort of paper shredder machine cut is ideal for your business will depend on how concerned you are about theft in your place of business.


Do you require any cutting-edge features for your device?

You don’t have to buy the first shredder you find just because you want to invest in one, many of these devices contain several cutting-edge features like anti-jam technology and pull-out bins. Spend some time learning about these features to enhance your experience shredding.


Our Picks for the Top Kobra Shredder Models in 2022


Kobra + +1CC4


A wonderful paper shredder for any small business or home office is the Kobra +1CC4. It has a 38.5-liter bin and is a cross-cut shredder. With a level 3 security level, these shredders can also process stapled documents.


Kobra 400 C2


This device is for you if you’re seeking a paper shredder that can handle large amounts of paper shredding. The Kobra 400 C2 paper shredder offers the highest level of protection against data and identity theft to its users. This machine can hold up to 29 sheets of paper at once and is 60cm by 50cm by 90 cm.


Kobra 430 TS


A heavy-duty machine with a maximum shredding capacity of at least 130 sheets of paper. This device has unique functions that enable it to shred credit cards, CDs, paper clips, and even staples in addition to paper.

Toshiba Tech SA sells or rents each of the paper shredder machines. Request a quote from us right away to learn more about our products and costs. We are eager to offer you the best paper shredding system to meet all your requirements.

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